Friday, June 4, 2010


I'm wanted to call my client - Joanne to discuss on issue. So i picked up my handphone, searched for Joanne, and call. But when the call is answered, it was not Joanne. It was another Joanne ( my friend that have not been seeing for years!!! ) I got the wrong Joanne!!!

She sounded a bit surprise to receive my call. I was also a bit panic, dunno what to do. So i pretended that i'm actually calling her just to catch up, after so many years. And we chatted about 15 mins, without telling her that she is not the one that i'm trying to call.

Nothing much in the conversation, just those normal LAME questions that you ask to a long lost friend ...
How's life?
Where you work now?
Got kid liao?
Free free come out yamcha. ( This is a CLASSIC line to end a conversation, kan? ;p )

What do you normally do when you call the wrong person?

p/s : Maybe next time i should be honest and tell the person that i got the wrong number.. cos creating conversation is tiring...;p


  1. thats a good one....... thanks babe. i do what u did...ngehehehehehe so pandai pretend lei... so queen....ops

  2. I would not waste my time. :P

  3. i will say "ooppss... wrong number... call u again~ bye"

  4. errr, normally i would just be frank and tell the person "aiyah, i called the wrong number.." then depends if wanna continue to chat, else just hang up lah.. :p

  5. i seldom call the wrong ppl
    but most of the time i receive calls which are not looking for me
    what they could say to me: "sorry ar wrong person/number" :p

  6. i'd also say, oops, sorry hor, dialled wrongly. :P

  7. Eeeecks so many meanie comments lolz

    I wld tell her the truth , but also say i was glad to hv dialled wrongly, and ask her how's life. No reason to be rude right? ;)

  8. i will ask, who are you? >.<

  9. u very geng?call wrong number also can chat about 15min....

  10. LOL, you made me LOL at 4am! The last standard line really standard lo! :P

  11. seems like am one of them who will say , "ei, sorry la , i called the wrong number..." haha~
    then i will decide whether continue the conversation or end it depends who is it lo...

    but tis scenario very seldom happen on me because normally my contact will be like tis :
    example: Janice-Uni , Janice-Sunway, Janice-emily's fren.

    hahaha =D

  12. "Oops... sorry i gotta the wrong Joanne. Let's yamchar later eh~"

  13. nasrul .. no la.. oso long time din chat wif her liao ma.. so just update a bit lo.. since got time :)

    william .. it depends very much on the person la..

    l .. i will say wrong number.. but not ' call u again' lo.. cos i know .. its a lie lol ;p

  14. sk .. same la same la. its just that i suddenly panic and forgot to tell her that i called the wrong number ;p

    anthony ..i was driving when i call. so pressed the wrong name lo..

    bong .. i guess thats the standard and best way to tell him/her rite?

  15. single .. thats all? no apologize or pr a few words?

    ant .. exactly what i felt lo.. since we were quite close when w worked together..

    keo .. ehh.. i r the one who called the wrong number lerr.. and dare to ask ppl who they are? ;p

  16. stacey .. maybe i was in a good mood then... :)

    freedom .. like u never use that line to end a conversation ;p
    eunice .. i have that kind of system oso.. but i was driving.. so din really see properly la..;p

    tz .. last line.. so fake horr? ;p

  17. yala yala, you also use the standard line on me lo. SOOOOOO long already no call me YUM CHA also.

  18. freedom .. thats y it's called 'standard' ;p

  19. u sure that "joanne"not ur blog supporter?haha...if nxt time i meet u again,i confirm we start those LAME quentions also...

  20. sandra .. who cares if its lame .. as long as it is good for opening a conversation :)
    bila going 1U ? ;p


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