Sunday, June 6, 2010

i felt INSULTED !!!

Ever been called or hinted as an 'OUT-DATER'?

Well, i received a phone call from a someone last Friday. She is the person in charge of her company's sports club, where i teach them cardio-dance. Apparently, a few of the members commented that the music that i used during the class is not fun enough. They wanted something more UPDATED. ( in another way, they are saying that my music selections are OUT-DATED!!! )

I was a bit shocked to hear that. Cos never in my life ( so far lah ) hearing people commented that on me. A far as i can remember, below are some song lists that i used in the previous classes :

Black eyed Peas - I got a feeling
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Teeth
Kesha - Blah Blah Blah
Bob Sinclair - Rock the party
Justin Bieber - Baby
K'naan - Wavin' Flag, etc....

If the about lists are considered out-dated, i really dunno what is new songs to them.
( FYI, i went to 'check' one of their class before i took over, and the instructor then was using songs from Ace to Base, Madison Avenue, etc !!! )
Any idea what songs should i use, so that i will stay UPDATED in their eyes? ;p

Some of my out-dated pictures.. for your bitching pleasures ;p


  1. Ace of base?? that's like 20 years ago!!!!...maybe you should use song from Boney M kua ... "by the river of babylon..."

  2. yer that 2.... your OUTDATED brothers ar???

  3. you don't know the latest trend now is going 80s meh?? 復古風 ah..

    aiyoh, i like your 2000 look, so 正~~ :p

  4. aiyor... y u so 牺牲?

    angry also no need to take out old pic mar.. hahahha =D

  5. 人言可畏,很多人都是死剩把口, 看开啦。
    你的旧样----青春无敌 !

  6. what about adding 2pm, super junior, mike n golf to your collection?

  7. Dia nak lagu Melayu kot

  8. Danny,

    I guess they want P.Ramlee or Anita Mui Song kot....ur song is already latest la.....
    Queen always have pose even 20 years add with long belt lagi....ngehehehehe

    nicq @ Nasrul

  9. hey, you can ask your student to suggest what kind of song they like lor.....maybe is not the song that you play Outdated, maybe it just not their taste lor.... cheer.

  10. not sure if the list of songs are the latest, i don't listen to the radio in fact.

    but your pic...

    go fatten urself up already!!! skinny is so OUT-DATED

  11. ur brothers arr?
    u look so funny last time... but kinda SHU MAK !!! :P

  12. Hope you've thrown away that long belt, so outdated! :P

  13. look at that song list, i think i'm much more outdated @@

  14. pictures from different era.. so adorable!

  15. paul .. ya worr.. mayeb i should do 70's disco for them kan? daddy, daddy cool... ;p

    alan .. yes .. but i am absolutely proud with them .. don;t you think so? ;p

    sk .. retro and outdated is 2 dif thing lo.. and i think i know which category are them la... lol
    i oso think that i was 'jeng' in 2000 ..hahaha

  16. eunice .. where got sacrifice? share share only ma.. as long as everybody happy.. then i dun mind :)

    single .. then what about my NEW look? be careful what u are going to say horr...;p

    justin .. sekali they tot those are chinese songs.. then ask me not o be too ;p

  17. william .. yelah .. nanti i bagi dia orang lagu dangdut.. gelek sampai syiok ;p

    eric .. 2010 is sitting in front of the laptop replying ur comment lo ;p

    nasrul .. i dun mind if they tell me they want those type of music.. but not saying i'm not updated lo...geram tau? ;p

  18. ed .. i think so.. but i won;t ask.. i'll just play dif type of songs every session n see the response.. then i'll know their type... cannot ask one.. later they keep on requesting ;p

    bong .. if skinny is outdated.. then trust me.. i'm damn TRENDY now..;(

    l .. i know chumak la.. what is shumak? book worm?

  19. ant .. dun worry.. even if i wear the beal now.. it won;t be that long liao... bigger waistline ;p

    anthony .. i'm sure u r updated in other things than i'm not :)

    leon .. free free take out and see those old pics.. quote fun oso ma :)

  20. 我也觉得你很牺牲 竟然拿出你的成年旧照
    原来你以前也瘦过 呵呵~

  21. sandra .. thats what i was ma.. an i'm very proud of it... ya lo.. really miss my skinny days...:(

  22. 照片看起来你可是越活越年轻了,厉害啊!

  23. 游子 .. sure or not? u r the 1st one who say i look younger n younger ehh? lol ;p

  24. 没错啊!从照片看确实是这样,呵呵!


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