Sunday, June 13, 2010

the Ring

I was at Sg Wang last Saturday. While waiting for my friend for dinner, i went shop to shop .. just to update myself with the current market. So i went in this shop selling all sorts of cool stuffs, from accessories to home decorative items. Then i saw this big bowl filled with chunky rings ( i used to love them ). Bronze, gold, silver, etc. And they are cheap .. RM15 per piece only.

So i pun gatal-gatal go and try one the bronze ring with a crescent moon shape. Not bad, then i wanted to try the gold one. But i couldn't remove it. It was STUCK on my finger!!! I tried every way just to remove them. Of cos i can't used soap or my saliva ( unless i pay for them la ;p )

Finally, after 10 minutes of rubbing and pulling in and out, finally got off my finger. And of cos, i dare not try another gold one. ;p

What will you do if that happened to you? Waste 10 minutes stand there sweating and looking like idiot, OR pay RM15 and take care of them when you got home?

p/s : we didn't win the dance battle.. but the feeling of dancing on stage ( when you know people who are actually cheering FOR YOU ) is simply fantastic .. or should i say FANTABULOUS ( like how my friend used to say ;p )


  1. You should have taken it home!

  2. i will definitely find all ways to take the ring out.. but come to think of it, this will never happen to me lah, cos i don't like wearing rings one..

  3. 如果拿不出,就卖,不要浪费时间。
    比赛一定有输赢, 输的起就是得奖了。

  4. aiyoh...y hand so gatal 1!!?... just buy it not vogue lorr like that..

  5. danny....

    never happen to me but happen to my ex. He actually bought it and that right actually still stuck to him till now.......

    is the picture is nice la ur hand....ngehehehehehe...
    btw, post la ur fantabulous showmanship tu over here...kasi more vogue mah.......


  6. william .. y? cos its meant to be with me ke? lol ;p

    sk .. i oso dun really wear accessories during normal days.. just gatal want to try ma..;p

    single .. cannot la.. cos i spent too much liao.. dun want to buy n nvr wear.. ( like most of my ;p )

  7. paul .. not vogue nvm la.. cos i actually wanted another color one.. later buy dun like how? give u ah? ;p

    nasrul .. no la.. thats not my hand.. mine will be more vogue than that lol ;p
    din record the thing cos was rushing from my class.. then str away go on stage... ;)

  8. lol
    just buy lo.
    RM15 only mah

  9. I like rings a lot and also try many times... lucky this never happen. I same like you, will not buy lor

  10. haha..i will try my best to take out lor, unless i like the ring :)

  11. 哈哈哈,看来你是时候为手指减肥了。。。

  12. bong .. cos i bought a lot of stuff liao.. dun want to spend liao la..

    kristen .. i know u like ring a lot.. n u oso got gd taste on choosing them :)

    karen .. exactly what i was thinking lo.. cos the color is not my 1st choice :)

    ed .. teach me how lorr.. just to slim down he finger ;p

  13. Use your saliva to grease it... LOL

    I love your songs!

  14. twilight .. if i used saliva.. then i'll have to buy it lorr..
    i love my songs ;p


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