Monday, June 21, 2010

For your wife?

I am now rushing some job for this company. I need to make some garments using eco-friendly materials. So i went to Carrefour to buy a dress ( those cheap sleepwear / lingerie ~ refer to below pic ) to be used as the base of my dress.

When i went to the cashier counter to pay, the 2 cashiers ( Malay makcik and Indian lady ) looked at me. I know, it's kinda weird for a guy to shop and buy those thing ... alone. So they asked :

Her : Untuk wife you ke?

Me : Takde lah, untuk buat baju. ( Lazy to explain to her about the project )

Her : So you ni tailor lah? Pandai nyerr. ( both of them smile to me )

In my heart i was thinking, " What will be her respond "IF" i tell her that i am actually buying that dress for MYSELF!!?? ". Do you think that she will still be impressed with me? lol ;p

Here's my idea of the recycle dress. Simple and straight forward. What do you think?


  1. OMG, i really didn't know you tahu buat baju??!! pandainya pandai~~

  2. hmmm.. miss something ter.. were u gonna trying out? hehe~

  3. wow. u print out photos of urself and hang it on the wall one hor? :D

  4. Yea... something is missing.. u shud be wearing it!!

  5. I like the second baju.. It brings the GAGA in you..
    Keep up the great work. Danny.
    It looked wonderful.

  6. Wah, ur room very nice leh......=)
    the dress....好像包花纸的说……=P

  7. nice one danny...not to flashy and not to much...ngam ngam aje. From look or sleeptheme dress to "cock"tail outfit.....vogie-the-vas.......


  8. hahaha, based on my experience of watching Project Runway....... the dress final outcome is good, but it a bit like prom queen dress...
    haha, maybe you should put it on and take photo to show us lor... :P

  9. 不错看的说~

  10. sama orang tak sama nasib. Same birthday but I can't even have 10% of your creativity. LOL. Nice one Danny :)

  11. single .. ok ahh? need me to make one for u? next time when u join the singing contest? lol ;p

    sk . abang, i fashion grad la.. tapi switched to vm line jerr... :)

    willaim .. no la.. just a sample.. will tone it down a bit maybe :)

  12. ian .. unless u want me u do a freak show ;p

    bong .. ya worr.. i'm so obsessed with myself kan? ;p

    eric .. u want nightmare issit?

  13. Not too late to branch into the fashion business fulltime ;)

  14. emo .. got GAGA meh? no la.. it is for some corporate event.. trust me.. GAGA is more than that ;p

    keo .. u r rite.. its all wrapped with crepe papers.. my house nice? free free come sit la :)

    nasrul .. i'm trying to 'tone down' the vogueness a ;p

  15. ed .. that one memang like prom dresses.. trying to get those disney princess like dresses ..:)

    choocolate .. lil girl? no la.. i got big girl who will b trying to look cute ..;p

    freedom .. dun worry.. u r talented in ur own way :)

  16. ant .. i dun trust my fashion sense lo.. thats y i switched from fashion to vm years ago :)

  17. Boleh tahan la.
    But if it can fit into my body, sure lagi cantik.

  18. ky .. i dun do dresses for macho mary one .. want me to tailor made? can... let me take measurement ;p

  19. 结果就会配合出大女人的小女子性格~~~可爱女人~~~

  20. choocolate .. err...i din think so much when i make them :)

  21. good job .... :)


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