Wednesday, June 2, 2010

黑 。白

Since i came back from the trip ( or ever since i started to tan my body ), i received a lot of comments from others, especially my che-ches in the class. Some liked it tanned, more manly and healthy ( sporty ) looking worr. But some asked me to stop getting tanned, cos it makes me looked older.

How to maintain tanned and sporty, and look young at the same time?
Don't tell me to wear all colorful stuffs, not my style. Ever heard of a theory .. the older you go, the more colorful your clothing will be ;p )

我最新的 slogan :
會laser人的就是' Big Mouth'.

p/s : Actually i prefer myself with the tanned look. :)


  1. i think still ok if you don't go too far.. too tanned looks very "dry", so most importantly try to maintain that radiant complexion..

  2. it depends on one's body built...

    a muscular guy would look nicer with tanned skin~

  3. hmm,for you i think should be middle, dun too white or too tanned....

  4. Tanning does prematurely ages one's skin. Just make sure you use protection. :)

  5. bt some fair well-built ppl look nice also ler.

    anyways, u're always dark arnt u? hahahahahhahahaha

  6. dark & healthy is ok, dark & dirty is not.

  7. hmm... seems like lots of people like tan... I'm the one that hardly tan. :(

  8. U name a color, i have the clothes :)

    hehe.. i have more light colours than dark colors.. blue and black is not my color.. green and purple is.. pink too.. white..

  9. looks ok on me......altho never see you live before.... hehehehehehe

    me like to be in fair skin

  10. u can have tanned skin... but not too much...

    last time during cny dinner time, the tanned color is a bit too much liao~

  11. At the end of the day, it's all about you liking the way you look, so why care why others think?

  12. 你晒黑后,的确比较好看。

  13. sk .. i know.. thats y now i started to take collagen and oso do mask 3 times a week ;p

    B .. err.. i'm aiming for those lean fit figure la.. too muscular will make me looks even ;p

    thomas .. very hard to say one la.. what is the middle for you?

  14. william .. i only started to do a lot of skincare thingy after i started tanning.. good oso least now i have no excuse to be lazy on it ;p

    bong .. please la.. i was as fair as u are ... so i decided to tan myself lo..

    single .. mask.. body scrub .. lotion .. collagen...

  15. alan .. oic.. so which one am i? think properly before u answer !!!!!

    tz .. i oso very hard to get tanned.. thats y have to go tan frequently lo.. just to maintain the tone..

    eric .. i think my collection oso quite colorful geh.. just that hardly wear them ;p

  16. anthony .. ABOTHEN? LOL ;p words from my mouth wor.. sure good one ;p

    nasrul .. i think tanned skin suits me better wo.. dunno y la..

    l .. that one huh? thats bcos i just went for tanning the afternoon before we met up.. so it's still look a bit burnt la..;p

  17. ant .. it just for 'market' research ma... see if the vwlue got gone up or not ;p

    shin .. i always know that u got good ;p

  18. u'r... erm.....

    dark & bitchy.


  19. alan .. HOW DARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. you can tanned only half of your body, left the other half alone...... then you will look manly and young at the same time..... muakakkakaa

  21. ed .. hmm .. not sure about that.. maybe u can try 1st, then share with me the result? LOL ;p


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