Sunday, June 27, 2010

left & left

( Something to cheer me up, to motivate me for the rest of the week ... )

I just finished my class and chatting with some of the members outside of the studio. Then one member ( late 30's che-che ) came to me :

Her : Hi Danny, this is my first time joining your class.

Me : Oh really? Thanks for trying. Did you enjoyed the class?

Her : Yes. I normally very clumsy in dancing cos i got 2 left feet. But i think i was dancing just now. Thank you very much.

Me : Wow. That's good. See you again next week?

Her : Sure. :)

Me : ( in my heart ) See me fly... i'm proud to fly up high..... :)))))

You might think that i am showing off. Well ... a bit lah. LOL
( This is my blog and i can do what i like ;p )

The moral of the story is :
Do not be afraid/stingy to acknowledge other people, if you think they did a good job. That's what i am going to do, from now on. :)


  1. Ur blog is clean cut.. and the music is great..

    ha ha..

    I am not stingy at giving comments.. :)

  2. have i told you? your class is the only dance class i joined. :p

  3. of course as an intructor, the positive feedback and support from your members are invaluable.. so did the gym extend the studio for your class?? :p

  4. i know right? hahaha i got one 50-s auntie came to me and said the same thing too although i made some mistakes here and there!!! hahaha...

  5. 好的东西, 一定会有人欣赏称赞,加油咯!

  6. I always agree to sincere compliments myself, although i shy shy sometimes hehe

  7. wei! where r u teaching niow? I want to join ur class also...

  8. she din trip with 2 left feet?

  9. I think I have 2 right feet. :P

  10. 对啊,深有同感。
    click click

  11. do you have 2 right feet and 2 left feet? Maybe that make you a good dancer.

  12. thats a good one tooo

    btw, my SO tells me that your japanese songs that you upload, really nice. He like it lei.....whats the name ya of the song and who sings that.......


  13. emo .. i'm so happy that u liked it.. especially the songs.. cos not everyone noticed them :0

    justin .. wow.. i felt so honored.. :))

    sk .. ur last line a bit tak faham lah.. u mean giving me more class issit? yes, soem of them did :)

  14. eric .. m sure u know that kind of satisfaction u get when members gave u a good feedback.. so worth all the sweat kan? :)

    single .. but m sure they will be ppl who will disagree with what i'm doing.. but who cares lah kan? ;p

    ant .. me too me too.. its just a bit hard for me to say good things.. if u know what i ;p

  15. chris .. how many years liao.. u say say never come oso... pavilion got ahh.. u want mou? ;p

    bong .. dun think so wo.. and why is that ya, doctor? ;p

    william .. is that a total opposite of 2 left feet? meaning u r very good in dancing? :))

  16. baiqin .. but sometimes really a bit shy to compliment ppl le...hehe ;p

    nana .. amoi.. u think i animal ahh? got 4 feet ;p

    nasrul .. ur fren really got good taste.. i love that song very much too

  17. Right and right is same as left and left, only more fabulous.

  18. william .. wow.. then i oso want to have 2 right feet la... if plus one more will make me voguer or not? lol ;p


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