Monday, January 17, 2011

0430 ~ 1630

A quick recap on how i spent my 12 hours today :

0430 : woke up, shower and ready to leave the house
0500 : depart from my house, drove all the way up to Penang
0900 : reached Queensbay Mall, Penang and start display set up
1145 : finished set up then went for lunch and shop a bit
1240 : left Queensbay Mall, drove back to KL
1630 : reached home, and stoned! ;p

Today marked another achievement for me, as this is my 1st time drive to a place so far... ALONE ( my record is till Port Dickson only lol ;p ) 4 hours drive was surprisingly ok for me and i love driving early in the morning. It's just that driving on an almost empty and dark highway between 5am to 645am is kinda scary. Kept speeding to catch up with the car in front ( to share a bit light ;p )

When was your last roadtrip ... ALONE?



  1. Come Penang never call me also!!! Hmmm!!!!

  2. This post plus the song memang ada feel! Love it!

  3. wah, business doing bigger woh, cross-state now woh.. must be earning a lot this year lah..

  4. Wah, so tiring! I hate driving long distance.

  5. so way go one back....need to rest so more...

  6. nice...... i always drive from kl to kb (7-8 hours) alone lei......

    But you r rite, when we reach at place that is empty and scary...sure scary wor......

  7. 凌晨赶路,是种享受,看天慢慢的亮,心情也开朗起来 :)

  8. wah. geng. :)

    if i were u i'd hv taken the flight. lol

  9. Love A Mei's 掉了. Must sing this song in Karaoke every time.

  10. paul .. abang, i onli have 30 mins 'me' time lerr... call u oso no use la ;)

    freedom .. ada feel horrr? really nice listening to it while driving :))

    sk .. ok ok aje la.. got earn a bit lorr.. but could be better ;))

  11. william .. this is my 1st time driving log distance .. and i kinda enjoyed it lorr :))

    stacey .. dun really hv time to rest la.. rush for lots of things b4 CNY

    nas .. ya la.. i kept look at my rear mirror.. and drive as fast as possible to catch up with the front car

  12. yee .. totally agree.. not many chance to the dawn .. its really nice :)

    bong .. cannot la.. cos i have a car full of props to deliver ..thats y :)

    legolas .. good taste .. next time go K call me lah :))


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