Wednesday, January 26, 2011

順得姐來“我失意“ 。。。

After the class, one of my che-che suggested that we should have a 'Dance Battle' after CNY. It's the battle between me and all the che-ches in my class. FYI, those che-ches in my class are really sporting and active type. Everyone was quite excited with the idea, and some already discuss on how to do the battle.

I have no problem doing the battle, but i'm just not sure whether i should win or lose in the battle.

You see :

If i WIN, they might not be happy. Cos i want them to be happy at the end of the day.

If i LOSE, what if the news got spread out that the instructor actually got beaten by the members? There goes my reputation and hope to get more new members lah?

So how?


  1. Make it look like a 'draw' and in 'generous', declare them the winner.

  2. I would be really glad to have a very pro' instructor

  3. Make it a competition between them, the last to win will compete with you.~ fair right?

  4. thought william's idea was ideal. :D

  5. william .. the 'draw' thing is the hardest part.. must plan strategy now...

    ziyang .. errr.. ur pro got " " one or not? dun really understand la

  6. ian .. good idea.. then i can just stand they n watch and kepoh make noise la ;p

    bong .. must plan plan lo


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