Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was talking to my printer the other day. And when we talked about our age, he was surprised when i told him that i am 34 this year. Cos all the while he thought that i am younger than him ( he is 28 this year ). I am so happy. :P

Yesterday i bumped into one of my client in the shopping mall. The first thing she told me is :

" Danny, 你0甘樣著很‘得意‘。哈哈。“
" Danny, you look cute/funny wearing like this. "

So now i am a bit confused.
My printer thought i am young cos my look or ( childish ) attitude?
My client said that cos i wore something too young ( for my age)?



  1. 你直頭就係young到爆燈啦, 講你可愛係一種讚美~~ :p

  2. It think its aura and karma..lol

  3. 把它都當做是一種讚美咯!

    Danny, 你真的看不出有34歲...
    Keep 得很好!

  4. Wondered what do they expect?

  5. the printer wanted your business whilst the lady was her usual self, a Biatch! lolz

    But you certainly looked fine to me ;)

  6. keo .. i know young la.. but i can carry or not? ;p

    sk .. okok .. i'll think from that angle ;)

    ad .. apa karma apa aura? very deep lerr..

  7. william .. kamsia .. u got good taste .. lol ;p

    matthew .. it might not be the same if u meet me in person.. lol ;p

    bong .. tenkiu .. but i think i shld start reconsider my dressing style liao..

  8. tz .. exactly .. what they expect worr?

    ant .. no la.. i know she is not bitchy type .. just dunno what she think onli ...lol ;p


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