Friday, January 7, 2011

lucky STAR

Biaomei called me this morning. Her visa is finally approved. I'm so happy for her.

But i am even happier when she called me her 'LUCKY STAR'. Cos it's so happened that every time ( ok, maybe just a few times la ) after she shared her problem with me, the issue will kinda solved quite fast ( or not immediately ). It feel so good that you are actually useful to others ( maybe not directly ). I know i don't have any special power to make things happen. It's all coincident. But still, it's nice to be others 'lucky charm'. :)

I don't think i have any so-called lucky charm that i bring along with me everyday. But i know where to find my luck, my dreams and my happiness.
Do you have any 'lucky charm'?

p/s : All the best to my baby sister who just got married. God bless. :))

pp/s : Good luck to you Biaomei, We'll miss you here.

ppp/s : If 7 is a lucky number, then i am double-lucked. Cos i was born in '77. And to day is '7' Jan. Wishing everyone a lucky day. :)


  1. Hmm, dunno if i'm the lucky charm for anyone? haha...
    but wish u lucky always=)

  2. wow!!!! Lucky Star...

    Erm... I think my lucky star = ang kong (God)

  3. i don't care if i'm lucky to anybody but i want to find my lucky charm lor~~

  4. seriously u bring luck?
    eh let's go makan before my final exams. heheheh

  5. thank you for sharing your Lucky Charm our Lucky Star ;) cheers !

  6. keo .. gd luck always to u too :)

    william .. huh? meaning?

    colorblind .. apa itu 'ang kong'? never heard of it pun

  7. sk .. u r ur own lucky charm.. just have to believe it :))

    bong .. can oso.. since we hvnt met for long long time.. bila mana?

    duncan .. hope that it brings luck to u too :)


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