Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 : produktif nyerr

Started my new year with a super busy schedule. I installed 2 CNY windows on 1st Jan itself. And today, another CNY window and 2 replacement classes. I think this is the first time i work on New Year's Day. Tiring but satisfying, cos i know i started my new year with a productive way. :)

How did you spent your New Year holidays?
To all those who are going to start working for the year 2011 tomorrow :

Latest addition to my 2010 Christmas gifts. Very meaningful gifts indeed ( my on interpretation lah ;p )

IKEA cup to keep my stomach warm and FULL ... ( health )
Gold coin chocolate to keep my bank account FULL ... ( wealth )
Lip balm to keep my Big Mouth lips moist and FULL ... ( look )
And a BOOK? ( err.. to make me LESS stupid? ;p )



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  2. Madam W 赐玉女心经好让今代玉女掌门人记载人生事故,以传承并教导下代玉女。

    Like that ok boh?

  3. my new year was FUN!!! :P at least i thought it was... now i'm having post-fun depression... :(

  4. is tat a notebook or seriously a gong fu book -_-"

  5. 玉女心經came from a famous chinese novel, 神鵰俠侶, there are 2 parts of this martial art, the first is sword techniques, and the second is the chi practice. 玉女心經 is said it's designed to subdue the martial art of 全真派. what make this 玉女心經so famous was that its chi practice - 內功 had to be practiced by 2 person together, whereby the 2 have to be totally naked to reduce body heat.

  6. That lip balm from Kiehl's is quite good! Nice new banner.

  7. 玉女心經 OMG......teach u how to be bitchy and slutty izzit? U need that meh?

  8. o!!! 玉女心经~~~ 刺伤!刺伤~~~!

    练了会super hiao的wor~~~

  9. wow, good woh, so productive and sure 豬籠入水 also lor.. haha!! 玉女心經?? how come you have that 秘笈?? must 自宮 only can successful one woh, hahahaha~~ :D

  10. 玉女心经 --- 用来记载少女心事。

    between 葵花宝典 and 玉女心经, 玉女心经 suits u more.

  11. paul .. cos u know the story or u just like the title? ;p

    alan .. then i should pass it down to u lo?

    ian .. happy new year to u too :))

  12. bong .. post fun depression? any medicine for it?

    vincent .. its just a notebook with fancy title :)

    justin .. wow.. u really know the story huh?

  13. william .. to keep my lips more kissable throughout the whole ;p

    ck .. ya lorr.. i need meh? lol ;p

    colorblind .. with or without the book.. i'm oledi very ;p

  14. sk .. apa itu 自宮?

    wayne .. no idea on both story :) but thanks :))


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