Thursday, January 6, 2011

the Vs

Ever since i won the Paris trip, i suddenly got a lot of new best friends. Some trying to get the flight seat next to me, whole others tumpang me to buy things .. particularly "El Wee". I really don't know what's so great about LV. I won't say that their design is the most interesting among other designer labels but yet, lots of people ( especially people in Malaysia ) gila about it.

FYI, i had a not very good experience when i shopped at LV ( Chamgs-Elysees, Paris ) few years back. We went in the shop to get something ( also tumpang-ed by others ). The sales person was a bit rude and ignorant to us. She wasn't really keen to serve us until i took out my credit card ad told her i want that 2 bags. Immediately after that, she offered me drinks. KNS !!!

Back to LV. Now, i don't fancy designer labels. Both my Gucci namecard holder and BV wallet were gifts from friends. But personally i prefer BV more than LV. Maybe bcos i can see 'that monogram' berlambak kat merata jalan when we go shopping. At least BV's signature woven texture is subtle and more elegant ( to me lah ).

My question is, if money is not a problem, which one do you prefer?

LV? or BV?

Thanks to Petaling Street, NOW EVERYONE CAN LV! :P


  1. You are certainly right. You see all those che che and aunties in drag clothes donning an LV. How to believe it is authentic?

    Elegance is not about having having designers. It's all about elegance.

  2. Hmm....I prefer younger brand..=P

  3. eh sorry ah, wat is BV?

  4. Both also I don't like... I like BB.

  5. i only can afford brand-less stuffs :x

  6. Yer.... The pics is so funny lor... all hang like tat, so cheap oredi..

  7. only asians flee to that LV shop in Champs Elysees lah.. i personally really don't fancy LV at all.. the monogram, very ugly lor~~ anyway don't complain so much lah, i can't even afford any designers bag also..

  8. Branded handbags? That thing that sends shivers down every (vain)woman's spine? Well, if you can afford it, be it LV or BV, why not? But to me, branded handbag is not a necessity, it is the way you carry yourselves that counts!! What's BV by the way? (So you can tell I am not a brand concious lady) XD

  9. BV is Bottega Veneta??
    i think malaysian like to buy "obvious" branded like LV cause everybody know about it. XD

  10. ant .. totally agree.. thats y i dun carry any of them.. cos i think i dun hv the look :)

    keo .. such as?

    bong .. bottega veneta

  11. william .. huh? since when $$ is in the pick list? just LV n BV maa.;p

    TZ .. Burberry? i like too :)

    Justin .. i said if $ is not a problem maa ;)

  12. Chris .. they rea meant to look cheap.. or else ppl wont dare to buy la ;p

    Sk .. i know.. LV to French is like brand for old ppl kan?

  13. eunice .. it just makes them look so.. err.. tasteless? ;p

    jade .. agree agree.. if u got the right attitude.. u can carry anything and make it look exclusive :)

  14. The frenchie are famous with arrogant and bitchy. But more of those in the big city. First they look at you from toe to head. Then they start to compare and get jealous if you have something better than them.

    Everywhere the same. In KL also got bitchy sales staff too. :p The Frenchie are crazy about LV too but only for those rich people. Plus the rich japanese are not so crazy about it now a day it's more of Samantha Thavasa FEVER. Hehehhee!!!

    If money is not a problem I would love to get a Hermes than LV. Hehehehhehe.....Plus the scarves design are handmade printed. I don't need my luggages to get floating on the ocean. Hehehehe!!!

    I've got relatives asked me to buy LV for them too. But it's a pity my luggages are fully load with my son stuff. Heheheheh!!! :p


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