Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's the 10th day of the new year, and i a still in the Chinese-New-Year- Window-Display-Set-Up-Marathon since 1st January 2011. I have not really have time to 'enjoy' the new year. I am not complaining about the busy schedule, cos i know at the end of the day, $ is more important for now. ;p

Thanks to all the non-stop projects, the multiple dance classes, constant work out and a bit of help from the 'fitness cereal', i am now at my desired weight. ( YAY! ) And not only that, i think my 'saham' has gone up a bit. ( double YAY ! ;p ) But i must work harder to maintain it, cos CNY is near. And i know i am going to eat lots of 'dried meat' ( 肉干 ) yummy yummy .... ;P~

So, are you having a 'happy' new year so far?

p/s : posted a sexy song to celebrate the 10th day... enjoy. Go ahead if u want to shimmy the shoulder or shake the butt, jangan malu-malu ;p


  1. you mentioned 10, and that reminds how i have gained 10kgs~~ haiz!!! :(

  2. Not a very okay start for me, but I want to believe it will get better.

  3. Today is 11.1.11
    happy 11111~!! XD
    Saham increase? Then have u invest more? =P dun waste leh since saham so gud now.. XD
    My New Year was Happy and great~!
    expecting CNY...kekeke

    Happy CNY in advance~!

  4. can i wish to hv your sexy leg ar?

  5. SK .. serious? must see liao.. hvng a happy life issit?

    legolas .. it will be.. u know it will :) gd luck n tk care

    yee .. adalah.. ;p

  6. keo .. its not that kind of saham....lol ;p

    ck .. why u want a pair of 37.5" length of legs? short legs are in trend meh?

  7. keke...dunno i dun get u or u dun get me...=P

  8. keo .. oic.. then i thing i understand liao... no la.. just keep the saham to myself lo.. old liao.. not many buyers as well.. ;p


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