Saturday, January 29, 2011


Normally at the end of the class, i will say to the members : " Good JOB everyone and hope you enjoy the class. See you again next week."

But to day, dunno what possessed me. After all the cool down routine, i turned to them and said :
" Good ~~~ D-O-G !!!! "

Oh my God!!! So the salah!!! This is by far the most SALAH things i ever said in the class.
( Previously was 'Let's mark ~ Let's FARK ' )

Guess from now onwards i really have to think twice before i talk. Or else there will be more jokes that i can share with you guys here. ;p


他看著我,然後很諷刺的說 : 那是給你補腦的



  1. Hey Jason, you watch too much porn!

  2. Jason? lol. since when Danny changed name? haha

    so how did the DOGS responded to u?

  3. Haha, i halfway reading ur blog then i keep on laughing....u're really funny!!! XD

  4. So good....supplier give the chicken essence to u for increase ur memory!!! time I need to buy this for myself....

  5. luckily u didnt said "let's mark " as "let's Fxxk " ...... if not , you lagi malu ..... lol

  6. ROTFL x 10
    so what your supplier will give you next year? This year for brain. What next?

  7. i'm just more curious on how your classmembers react when you say "Good DOG"!! hahaha..

  8. 是时候补补脑啦 ~

  9. twilight .. where got worr? i very good boi one ;p

    bong .. they were very good... waived their tail and walk away quietly...ahahahahahahahahaha

    keo .. funny? thats not i want to be la.. i want to VOGIU !!!

  10. stacey .. but the thing is .. i dun drink chicken essence one la.. gave it to my parents liao

    anonymous .. but dun u think FARK & FxCK are of the same sound? ;p

    tz .. hmm.. must start to think now and give them hint what i want for next ;p

  11. sk .. no la.. i apologized immediately and shake my hip .. just to distract ;p

    l .. i oso know la.. getting older liao


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