Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was sitting at the waiting area in the bank. When suddenly i felt a bit dizzy, cos i think the ground was shaking a bit. I looked at this girl sitting next to me. SHE WAS SHAKING HER LEGS ( 搖腳/抖腳 )! It's so annoying. She is young. She looks kinda ' ada belajar ' and sophisticated. :(

Just for your info, i am extremely sensitive to moving / shaky ground. And i'll get dizzy easily from that. People who are close to me should know how i hated them shaking their legs.

Do you have this habit? Shaking your legs when you have nothing to do? Or you just hated then just like i do?



  1. i wont shake my leg since mum will kill me if i do tat...she say this is no manners.

  2. if i was also shaken i will very hate it.. if not, i will be very amused looking at those entertaining performance lor.. :D

  3. used to kena marah by mommy for doing that lor. "APEK! STOP SHAKING YOUR LEGS!" :P

  4. I hate people shaking their legs... Feeling like earthquake. Some shake can goes up to magnitude 8... Muhahaha...

  5. Yes i dun like people shake their legs also if we're sharing a long bench or chairs that are in a row...
    damn irritating!

  6. y not u stand up and shake your hips. Lets compete who can shake the most :p

  7. stacey .. good girl .. n i oso think that is really no manner :)

    sk .. amused? how worr? share a bit lerr?

    bong .. cos normally those apek shake their legs while sipping kopi from kopitiam issit? lol ;p

  8. kokhua .. gd boy then :)

    tz .. i am not surprise when they are too excited when shaking lor... but it look so SALAH when a girl do that..;p

  9. keo .. actually i dun mind them shaking their legs.. as long as they are not sharing the same bench as i am..;p

    ck .. lu sampat ah? where got ppl suddenly stand up and shake their butt in the bank one? lol ;p


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