Thursday, January 27, 2011

super efficient

There's this friend of mine who likes to wait / hold on to everything. Like need to cool it off (攤凍 )a bit before start. For example, SMS-ing.

Me : eh, you got SMS lerr.

Him : nvm la. ( he waited for about 5 mins then only he check the SMS. not that he got anything to do during that 5 mins )

Are you same as him?
Or normally you'll check and reply the SMS as soon as possible?
I'm definitely the efficient one, and sometimes OVER efficient lol ;p
( unless i purposely ignore the sms la ;p )

p/s : my ipod died on me yesterday right before the class ( kenanga international ). end up i have to run all the way to Pavilion to get the original CD, as i've only choreographed the steps for that song.

希望一切會更好。 :)


  1. ipod died liao cannot just change battery??

  2. Lucky it was not a call, else he let it ring 5 minutes before answering.

  3. wah... schoo dedicated. :p

  4. justin .. dunno lerr.. change oso no respond...

    william ... i'm sure that won't happen.. at least when i am around.. cos either i'll slap the phone or slap ;p

  5. bong .. huh? tak faham worr..

    ant .. sure sure.. unless i memang tak nak reply la...;p


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