Monday, January 17, 2011


I know this step and yoga instructor since i started teaching. And every time we i him, i'll tease him. I now call him Prince of Pecah ( since the movie Prince of Persia is out ;p ). Coz he got a very manly look ( like 方中信 ), face with mustache, healthy / sporty tanned skin and not to mention, a very fit body. But once he buka mulut ... YA ALLAH...

It's like a am talking to Lin ZiLin ( 志玲姐姐 ) ! Super 嗲 !!! I can't imagine myself attending his class. Sure cannot concentrate one. lol ;p

Do you think that your voice matches your look?

還好我的長相和聲音是一致的 :都是一樣的 “潑辣“ ;p


  1. i never think tat my voice sound so "man".
    one day when i listen to those recording, "aiyer, who is tis man?" wahahXD

  2. haha, that's funny.. 方中信look with 志玲姐姐 voice.. i want to meet this P.O.P.~~

  3. i think i once saw a guy like whom you mentioned, but now forgot liao.

  4. hmm....maybe he try to neutralize himself...dunwan too soft...
    but might worse

  5. NOt really..i got a low pitch manly voice but i was suprano when I joined uni choir! LOL

  6. can we arrange an appointment? hahahahahaha...

  7. danny

    how pecah is this POP? but i can imagine by your story aje....whahahahaha

  8. eunice .. but then i prefer girls with lower tone that those high pitch one lorr.. very annoying ;p

    sk .. dun be surprised that he actually is just around u..:p

    justin .. we might be talking on the same guy huh? lol ;p

  9. keo .. neutralized? definitely not the best choice lorr.. lol ;p

    jessyca .. very versatile horr? :)

    alan .. 做麼?要志玲姐姐跟你加油打气啊? 哈哈。

  10. william .. serious? never heard him talking before worr.. must be funny...

    bong .. eh.. we bitch about ppl enuff la.. no need to show his pic lagi lah ;p

    nas .. keep on imagine then .lol ;p


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