Friday, January 14, 2011

phewwwiiiiittttttt !!!

I always admire those who know how to whistle ( using their mouth ) cos i can't. Not sure why, maybe my mouth too big or my lips too thick. ;p

But lately i am hating it. Cos there's this stupid loud whistle disturbs my sleep every morning. Really not sure if it's from some uncle / pack cik downstairs or the birds from the hill in front of my balcony. It's really loud and punctual ( 7am every day )

Do you know how to whistle?
Can anybody give tips on how to do the whistling thing? Cos i think it's quite cool to do that, especially 'duet' with a nice song. :)

p/s : after whistle, maybe i want to try BEATBOX .. anyone interested?


  1. =0 try and try and try lor... until the speed of the air u blow out through ur mouth can produce enough vibration of the air molecule to have sound. :P

  2. I'm also dun know....a lot of ppl teach me ,I also dun know....maybe im stupid!

  3. I can't. I kinda think that it's something that you either know how or don't know how. Like rolling up your tongue. It's natural.

  4. whistle can be cool or can be annoying depending on what situation and who does that whistling lor..

  5. always want to whistle, i cant. Its like snapping ur fingers, once u know how to do it u can do it for life. I cant do both. -___-

  6. I can geh... but not really loud lor..

  7. This I couldn't help u. I don't know how to do it.

  8. let me train u....hahaha
    ur tongue, put at the middle,
    then stick to the bottom part of ur mouth, then ur mouth shape have to be like a bird...then blow...muahahha

    if u know beatbox...teach me? =P

  9. bong .. err.. u made it sound so technical... no mood liao lol ;p

    stacey .. dun say like that.. cos i oso dunno ma.. and i'm not stupid ;p

    legolas .. actually i can a bit la.. but more like blowing wind than whistling ;)

  10. sk .. i know.. cos we scolded another housemate b4, cos he whistle every morning 7am .. and mostly those oldies.. super annoying ;p

    vincent .. u cant snap? no no no.. a diva must know how to ;p

    chris .. u ever whistle those passenger in your flight b4? ;p

  11. tz .. now only i know that not everyone can whistle :)

    keo .. u think got bird's mouth as big as mine or not? ;p


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