Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hi, I'm JASON ;p

Member : Aiyo Jason. Sorry la, i can't make it to your class today.

Me : Kak. I Danny lah, bukan Jason.

Member : Ye ke? Sorry lah.

This is the 3rd time she called me JASON ... this month. No matter how many times i corrected her, she will still call me JASON the next time she talk to me. I really got the JASON face meh? Cos i think i have the DANNY look and attitude. I know i definitely can't carry RICHARD or Raymond lah... too serious liao. :)

Maybe i should introduce myself as JASON to strangers in the future huh? ;p Do you think i can 'carry' the name JASON?

What would be your second choice if you can change your current nickname / Christian name?


  1. -.- got a specific face for certain names one meh?

  2. Please don't choose Jason, I have too many in my phone book.

  3. #William: including Jason Behr?

  4. May be is time to change new name in conjunction with new year kot? Jason......dun think is matches u lor...still like the Big Mouth Danny....yeah!

  5. Talking about it, you really have a 'jason' face!
    I think there are names that if you are not pretty you cannot carry that name, such as Isabella!
    Danny suits you lah, very down to earth and common in those days... :)

  6. hmm...i feel that your face suit with name "Catty" :P

  7. bong .. of cos got la.. dun u think its a bit funny if my name is robert?

    william .. ya worr... i oso got a few Jasons in my phone list ;p

    tz .. err .. do i know this person as well?

  8. ck .. ya lorr.. i still think i have the Danny face n attitude... :)

    yasmin .. isabella? .. sampat ;p

    zidane .. u mean Chatty or Cathy? ;p

  9. Eh i thought you are Jason! no meh?

  10. twilight .. not funny lorr ;p

  11. Whenever I introduce myself to a new friend, I actually need to spell it out so he or she won't mistake me for 'Tarzan's girl friend'! My ex-boss who is an 'ang moh' used to have a good laugh at it! Did you get my name correct the first time??? Hehe....

  12. jade .. err.. i know u r Jade not Jane when u first told me.. guess i am so PANNAI horr? lol ;p


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