Tuesday, January 4, 2011

no eye see 之 no see eye ...

Are you good at making eye contact? I know i'm not. In fact, i'm a too scared to do it.

As an instructor, we are suppose to make more eye contact with the members, just to show our appreciation and attention to the members. But i noticed that there's a few members in the class who like to look at me when they dance. Not looking at my body, but my face .. MY EYES. Cos whenever i ter-looked at them, sure our eyes will ter-looked at each other. ( 肥妹鬼和貼身膏藥是其中之二 ;p)

Sometimes i really dunno what to do, or how to respond. I tried not to look at them, but i can't. Cos these particular member likes to stand directly behind me. So whenever i look at myself in the mirror, i sure see another pair of eyes eyeing at me. Sien ahh !!!

What should i do?

How to avoid making eye contact without being rude or unfriendly?


  1. Erm, most of the time i will look at the instructor's face when i already know the routine of his steps... How ah? coz when i keep looking at myself in the mirror, like very narcissism.. :p

  2. wow. hahaha not good meh like that?

  3. Mah give your award-winning fake smile lo.

  4. 尽量电她们~~~ 眨单眼。。。 hohoho

  5. No need so troublesome la.. Juz give more electric through ur eyes... zzzzzzzz loL~ Dangerous pair of eye...

  6. wear sunglasses in the class might solve d problem?

  7. I guess the best way is to acknowledge it, or else you should just avoid looking at that direction.

  8. Just face it, with your courage eyes, with the mind of


    Slowly you will used to it, Danny abang.

  9. sherry .. tot u suppose to look at the body? what can u see in the face?

    bong .. wrong person at the wrong timing la ;p

    william .. i dun even think i want to give them the fake smile.. just no feeling

  10. colorblind .. but they are not my target la.. how?

    ian .. i seriously dun think i have those high voltage eyes lo..

    ck .. want so glam meh?

  11. legolas .. i am just looking at myself.. and i can see that pair of eyes...;(

    justin .. where to find the mole?

    zidane .. i just want to kill them...like really kill...lol ;p


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