Sunday, January 23, 2011


I was queueing at the autopay machine behind an uncle and a young lady. Suddenly that uncle dropped his parking ticket. So he kneeled dow to pick up the ticket, and something caught my eyes. Its either this uncle ( at least 60 years old ) is too poor until his underwear koyak-rabak left the strings or he is actually wearing a g-string!!!

Why all this unpleasant things always happened on me? And now i have a whole new point of view on sexiness for g-string. ;(

Talking about underwear, which one do you prefer?
The thong, hipkini, bikini, etc or the boxer, boxer brief, etc ?
I prefer the squares. :)

p/s : posted another POSITIVE song for everyone. :))


  1. unlce also has sexiness one leh... maybe his auntie wearing laces bra waiting for him at home...

  2. I do not approve of g-strings and thongs!

  3. OMG!! did you go wash your eyes after that view?? anything for me but definitely not g-strings and thongs lor~~

  4. g-strings are such turnoffs

  5. no thongs n g strings... ;p

  6. LOL...
    u untung ah. Not easy to see uncle in G-string ler.

  7. bong .. errr... dun want to imagine that... geli lah ;p

    keo .. good choice.. more comfortable kan? :)

    william .. y? not used to the 'sandwich' huh?

  8. sk .. wash oso no use liao.. oledi blinded ;p

    nana .. err

    ant .. it depends on who and how they wear it la ;p

  9. ad .. y le?

    karen ..untung? give u la ;p


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