Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This entry has nothing to do with politics or religions. It's just personal opinion on the BM language ...

I always thought that the motto "Satu Malaysia" is being over-used by people. They just use it in anything they want to make or sell. It's just everywhere! A bit jelak liao...

Lately i noticed that there's another Malay word that is also over-used ~ PERDANA ( the highest level, the greatest ).

You can see all the buntings they displayed at the round side : Forum PERDANA, Ceramah PERDANA, Perhimpunana PERDANA, Majlis Jamuan PERDANA, etc. I mean, if you put it PERDANA in everything, then what is so PERDANA about it anymore rite?

And this morning i saw this new bunting saying " Majlis Berkhatan PERDANA sempena cuti sekolah ".

For someone who is not very good in BM, do you think that they will interpret it as :

a) A big scale circumcise ceremony, OR

b) A circumcise ceremony for a big scale ... ? lol ;p

Again, no offense to anyone. The situation is just like us Chinese, apa-apa pun kena HUAT !!!.. sien ahh...:(


  1. Maybe they missed out the word "MENTERI".

  2. william .. dun think so lo.. u think PM so free to attend their gathering or jamuan every weekend meh? ;p

  3. bong .. how to miss it when it is right at your face every time you reach a road junction? ;p

  4. what the ... even circumcision ceremony must use Perdana meh???
    anyways if it's for adult men then i would wanna go there n check it out! LOL!

  5. anonymous .. thats y i dunno why must use that word .. anything so grand about it meh? btw, u r? :)


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