Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was watching the sitcom " How i met your mother" and they have an episode where they pointed out on this girl's habit. She is a newscaster and she like to say 'but umm...' whenever she is interviewing people. And the gang just made fun of it and made it a bet game. Whenever she say 'but umm... ' they'll have to drink a shot. Fun game eh?

I guess everyone have something that they always say ( 口頭單 ). I know mine is definitely ' and then ' , cos my printer confronted me before. Make me malu only.

So what's yours?

OK, bad words like CCB, LC, MCH, MLF, etc semua tak kira. ;p


  1. i don't know mine, maybe next time you can point that out if you found any from my speech~~ :p

  2. 'anyways~'

    apparently it got my fren into trouble cuz he uses it and his partner thought we r having an affair.

    lovely. -__-

  3. mine got 2:
    1) Ngor tung nei gong... ( I tell you... )
    2) Nei G mmm G? ( U know or not? )

  4. haha... mine i also dint notice till my fren told me..

    i like to giv a conclusion to every conversation wif "SO THAT".

    #$%%^^&&*, SO THAT &!@Q$@W%%*


  5. not sure what's mine either. i dont talk much. really. :P

  6. "sampat"

    does that count? XD

  7. william .. well, i guess 'cheh' is definitely better than my friend' 'choi' ..;p

    sk .. err.. that will be very long time from now loh kan? maybe next CNY lol;p

    vincent .. maybe this is what we call 近珠著赤 eh?

  8. sherry .. ngo tung nei gong, nei G mm G nei fai min zan hai hou dai ( waiting for a ;p )

    eunice .. sounds like u are a person who like to 講道理 ehh?

  9. bong .. u dun talk much? memang pun.. cos the few time si met u, u oso makaaaaaan aje ;p

    anthony .. of cos la.. got ppl everything oso sampat


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