Monday, May 9, 2011

misen imposibel ...

Danny : The Big Mouth is going to perform a series of misen imposibel for my new client starting tomorrow.

Deadline : Thursday 12/4/2011 @ 3pm

Wish me luck.

上星期累積下來的壓力,弄到我的豆豆一直 piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit 個不停!:(

p/s : 昨晚聽人說,王菲11月會在 KL & Singapore 開 concert。有誰也聽說?真的嗎?


  1. heard SG 29OCT and KL 06NOV.. and news from friends say that ticket in SG will be SGD600..

  2. chisin! 600SGD? i go bali and bangkok balik still got some left. =.= LOL

  3. bong .. a true faye's fan won't feel too expensive lorr.. cos mana tau.. tak ada chance lagi after this ;p

    william .. thanks thanks :))

    sk .. is that a confirmed date? any idea what is the official site?

  4. twilight .. y faint? u think i'm to vogiu to conduct a misen imposibel issit? ;p


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