Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It was a long weekend and i have nothing to do, except DVD marathon and eat non-stop for Saturday and Sunday. But on Monday, i was too sick for the DVD anymore. So i decided to do some spring cleaning, especially with the stuffs that's lying on the counter, covered with dust.

FYI, whenever i go travel, i like to bring back something that will represent the country, just for remembrance. ( Boleh lah feeling-feeling a bit, when i'm too tired and busy with work ) So i took them down, and cleaned each of them. Took some pictures to share with you guys.
( not many but i'm happy and proud with my collections. )

England ( London ), France ( Paris ) & Italy ( Rome )

Thailand ( Bangkok & Haadyai ) & Indonesia ( Bali & Jakarta )

Korea ( Seoul ) & Japan ( Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka & Osaka )

Turkey ( Istanbul ) & Greece ( Athens, Santorini & Mykonos )

Spain ( Barcelona & Madrid ) & Portugal ( Lisbon )

Last but not least, Hong Kong & Singapore.
I've been to these 2 countries few times but seriuosly, i can't remember if i bought anything from there as souvenir. Cos really no idea what to get. Any suggestions?
Don't tell me Merlion figurine or stuffs from HK Disneyland ok? ;p


  1. i used to get myself fridge magnet or some small little decorative souvenirs, or even get a postcard and mail them back home for myself..

  2. I have all those nice little fridge magnet whenever i go visiting the country/places... Maybe i should blog about it. Not sure how many blog posts to finish all. :p

  3. Wow, that mask must have been troublesome to bring home.

  4. wah. banyak tempat ler u been to.

    singapore no need to buy anything la. same like malaysia also wot.

    hk ah... remember enough already la. :P

  5. Buy postcard and post it to yourself which you own that country stamp and postcard at the same time. If you don't like that idea. Maybe try to sneak a few local guy back to Malaysia since 'Singaporean' and 'Hongkey' guy is quite hot as well.

  6. sk .. i know a lot o ppl collect fridge magnets or key chain.. but i just not interested in those lorr.. maybe too small guarr..lol ;p

    tz .. sounds like a huge collection.. must share share la.. :)

    william .. yup... i think we used an empty luggage bag just to bring it back here.. cos its too fragile..

  7. bong .. takde la.. masih banyak tempat belum pergi lagi.. really horr? spore n hk really not need buy things horr? ;p

    willk . i once accompanied my friend to post office in paris.. just for her to post back a postcard.. and the post officer there ask my fren to lick the stamp.. so funny ;p


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