Friday, May 27, 2011

act CUTE lorr ;p

I was having lunch at McD today. The table next to mine is a group of college students. They chatted quite loud, so annoying. One of them is an ordinary girl with a super MANJA "嗲" ( in my opinion ~ mengada-ngada ) tone. Her male friend was trying to take her picture using his iphone. She kinda screamed manja-ly at him :

Her : Yeerrrrrrr, 做麼拍人家?等下你的 girlfriend 吃醋啊。哈哈。
( Yeeeeeeerrrrr, why you take my picture? Later your girlfriend jealous la. Ha ha. )

Him : 不會 jealous 的啦。她很大方的。
( She won't jealous one la. She's very open minded one. )

Luckily she is not my friend. Cos if she is, then my reply ( as in the guy who take her picture ) will be ...

不會的啦。你又不美,jealous 來做麼?
( She won't one la. You are not that pretty, jealous for what? )

I have to admit that i have a very SERIOUS ISSUE with girls who take in MANJA tone. I just felt that they are too pretentious. And it's worse if they don't have the look to match the voice. Thank God i don't have such type of people around me. Or else sure she'll surfer whenever i'm around. LOL ;p

Are you one of the hater as well?


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  3. I am glad I voice that matches my boyish look ( and more timeless, cannot imagine if I have those manja voice at my age! ); also a Chinese name that matches my personality!

  4. yas .. hmm.. really very hard to imagine when i call ur chinese name and then u answered with manja tone.. super very " slap-inviting" ;p

  5. i also hate people acting cute lor, KNS, feel like slapping those people..

  6. hahahahaha... your reply... classic lor!

  7. sk .. haha .. join the club ... tak sangka u oso so violent ( slapping ;p )

    bong .. classic reply for classic people from classic person :)

  8. They are many guys who got melted into pussy cats when some gals manja till their wallets dry-up. Now many China dolls have targeted Ah Peks. I despise them, pity the Ah Peks.

  9. Yerrr... why you so fierce geh? XD

  10. twilight .. that on cannot blame the girls oso la .. who ask those ah pek so hamsap.. wanna eat fresh meat? lol ;p

    william .. i'm just being the normal me .. the bitchy me :)


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