Thursday, May 5, 2011

都說了 "Have a nice day" lorr ... :(

I am not a fan of SMSing, cos i think it's a waste of time when you can actually call and get what you want on the spot. And i have a limit of number of SMSes per conversation ~ 3. Yes, 3. The first 2 SMS i will still layan a bit ( depends on mood and the person la ;p ). Then if they keep on SMSing me, i'll reply them ( my 3rd SMS ) and end it with a "Have a nice day" ~ my own polite version of saying " Enuff liao. Dun waste my time! Go bark at someone else. " :P

But horr, i dunno why some people are too slow on getting the signal. And they still reply me after the 3rd SMS. And of cos, i either will call them directly ( if there's something important ) or just ignore them. Malaslah nak layan.

Do you think that " Have a nice day " is a good hint to end a conversation?
Or you have better lines that i can use next time?

有的東西,get 到意思就好。


  1. I always using this way to end the conversation. :D

  2. kokhua .. so its quite standard and understandable right? :)

    william .. oh no.. i prefer to say that face to face.. baru dramatic, baru ;p

  3. bong .. aiya .. i dun think we have that problem what .. cos we oso hardly smsing ;p


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