Wednesday, May 4, 2011

to BLINK, or not to BLINK?

Do you think there's any differences between these 2 icons?
Cos sometimes i accidentally sent the blinking one to my clients ( or someone i just know ), and i felt a bit inappropriate.
Like i am trying to be funny with them.
Am i thinking too much?

Say you are getting a text from someone that you love. Is there any emotion/excitement differences between the text with blinking or non-blinking icon?
Or you just don't give a damn? ;p

And i think too much again? ;p


  1. the first one is hamsap blink.. like when u wanna blowjob them that kind of look....

  2. oh, that makes a difference between pure text and text with icon.. first of all, if it's business text to client normally i won't put icons lor.. to friends, the smiley one is interpreted normal, but the blinking one is naughty lor, hehe~~ :)

  3. there is definitely a difference.
    ^_< / ^_^

  4. yup like wat sK said.

    but i like the second one on the second row.

  5. eric .. harrr? really meh? i sent out this quite often wor... nothing come back oso? ;p

    sk .. if the client are fun to work with and gila a bit then i'll use icons lorr... if not normally just slightly formal email

  6. cally .. now only i know that people actually feel the differences.. :)

    bong .. ya meh ya meh . i prefer the 1st row far right... mouth so big, just like mine :)

  7. For me, I don't think there's much influence ppl's thinking. Or maybe I just never concern about it?

  8. kokhua .. so we are of the same group la.. sometimes just press ;p


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