Monday, May 23, 2011

mumbling ~

Next week will be a super important and busy week for me.

Got a huge meeting & presentation with my new client. Still compiling materials for them to see. Mixed some songs, quite happy with it. Hope that they'll like it as well.

Need to set up the VM for a new shop for another client mid week. Also need to touch up the other shop for photoshoot. And after that, need to propose VM ideas for the office.

Got the green light from another client on the show. Need to book studio asap, and pay the rent in full ;(. Hope that they'll prepare my deposit asap.

Watched a Thai movie : Bangkok Traffic Story ( BTS ) over the weekend ~ LOVE IT. Simple and fun, romantic and real. If got time please go watch it. And also " Hello Stranger " , another Thai romantic movie with the ending that is different from what i thought.

Been so busy these days, no time to make soup for myself. Cos whenever i have soup for the day, my weight will drop a bit the next day. Maybe dah kena detox kot.;p

Thank God for the opportunities. I'm enjoying the busy-ness, and really happy with my hectic life. :)

Have a great week ahead everyone :)


  1. I watched both of the Thai movie that you stated, LOVE it, romantic comedy. :D

  2. kokhua .. u watch oso huh? but i prefer BTS more la.. cos i really burt out laughing few times :))

    william .. my own version of vege soup la.. very healthy and very yummy :)) ( so far nobody tasted it ;p )

  3. i think being busy is a good thing for you woh, since that means you get more money!! eih, i watched "Hello Stranger" too, very nice.. it seems that those Thai movie being imported to our cinema recently are all nice ones..

  4. sk .. definitely good things.. and hope that it won't stop :).. yes, those Thai movies ( except horror ones ) are quite nice .. fast fast watch BTS .. sure u'll like it as well :)


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