Wednesday, May 25, 2011

hi princess ...

I always hate those who are late ( for anything ) .. without a very good reason. And it's worse if that person is late and never bother to apologize or explain, as if we were born to wait for him/her.

I was waiting for a friend who is always late. And when she finally arrived, i stared at her and complained on her punctuality ( as always ). Then, with her 'MANJA' voice ...

Her : Yerrr, you cannot scold me like that lorr. Cos i'm a PRINCESS. Hi hi...

Me : ( super annoyed ) Well hello princess, you better behave and don't piss me off. Cos i'm your EVIL STEPMOTHER. Huh!
( gave her another sharp stare, and roll my eyes )

Are you a punctual person?
I never go on time.
I'll be either 5-10mins earlier, or totally late ( purposely ;p )


  1. i usually will be restless before an appointment one... that's why i'm always early. ahhaha

  2. bong .. restless? why? tak berapa faham worr... but as long as u r not late.. then should be ok la :))

  3. i used to be punctual or mayb earlier to reach the place n my fren always late for about 15-30min.

    time after time, now i learned to be later than her so she can feel wat i feel last time.

  4. eunice .. yerrr... but that is not a very healthy way lorr.. sooner or later both or u will be super late ;p

    william .. how i wish .. but some people are just un-ban-able ;p


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