Monday, May 16, 2011

what's my name ?

This is the thing that i've been dragging since 2007. Ever since i quitted my job and turned to freelancing, I'm suppose to set up ( or register ) a company for billing and other purpose. But till now i still have not decide on the 'NAME' that i want to use for my company. But i think it's about time for me to really sit down and decide, then register.

It's just like naming your baby. You don't want to name them something joke-able or lame. It must be memorable/catchy, artistic and related to what i am doing. And most importantly ... vogiu.

So till now i'm still struggling with the names. FYI, i do creative stuffs ( visual merchandising & event organizing ) and performing projects/jobs. Any good suggestions?

The last thing i want for my company is called " Danny Hwang Productions", cos it's so 'lazy' and lame. ;p


  1. Hwang Studio.

    I think 'Hwang' is quite unique.

  2. whatever it is, don't ever use your name as your company name, so cinapek and not vogue..

  3. whoa... serious matter. :P

    good luck in getting that name.

  4. william .. hmm.. this is is definitely catchy and so me.. but just takut tak lepas censor ;p

    alan .. tqtq.. ok la.. i think CHIN oso very unique.. but only ur CHIN.. not others CHIn ok? ;p

  5. sk .. i know.. cos its so stupid to call ppl and say : hi this is danny hwang from danny hwang productions.. ;p

    bong .. takde ke apa apa suggestions?

  6. Use ur trade mark, big mouth also not bad ma, easy to remember n ppl will have deep impression.

  7. chris .. haha.. what if later think my company is a 唔正經 company lerr? lol ;p

  8. I know the famous designer Edmund Ser who churned out Edmundser collections. Danny Hwang can be Danny Gold! I would love to engage you if you open Danny Gaga Studios!

  9. twilight .. i think the name GAGA is everywhere now.. not special anymore.. :(

  10. hey using own name for a company is COOL okay!!

    Danny Hwang Productions.

    But i dont really like the word productons hahaha
    thats why i named mine, DESIGNS! :)

  11. eric .. err.. is till prefer not to use my name lorr.. just imagine " Hello, Danny Hwang Productions, Danny speaking... " .. a bit salah lorr :)


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