Saturday, May 21, 2011

it's a fine, fine day :)

I got not only 1, but 2 job confirmations today. And the best thing is, both of them are BIG company that i've been hoping to get in. FYI, both jobs are to train their staffs for the annual dinner staff performance competition. guess i'll have to shake my bum a lot more.

Really excited on these 2 jobs. Will be busy over the weekend compiling pictures, materials and musics to be presented to them. If everything goes fine, i'll start to get busy from end May till end of July. Yippie!!! :)

BTW, how was your week? Any big plan for the weekend?

真的很感謝,也很感恩,能不停的有 job 進來。
一定要全力以赴,做到最 vogue 。哈哈。

p/s : if your company's annual dinner got staff performance competition, remember to look for me worr. Kamsia in advance. :)


  1. wah, that means you now must be 豬籠入水 already.. congratulations!!!

  2. sk .. just hope that i wont be as 腫 as the 豬 lorr.. lo ;)

  3. So far my company has never done a thing like that. Chinaman company ma.

  4. william .. then its time for you to take initiative and suggest that to ur boss.. n do it just for fun :))

  5. I have lots of such contacts and I wanna see you perform first... Your bedroom?

  6. twilight .. yerrrrrrrrrrrrr, since when u become so like that one? ;p


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