Monday, May 2, 2011


It's so funny ( and annoying at the same time ) that most of the decision that we make is actually something that we don't really want to, but no choice. Cos it's 'politically correct'.

I was at a company's annual dinner helping out the performance part. And i got to know the result first hand from the person-in-charge ( right after they calculated the points, before announcing the results ). Ok, 1st A, 2nd B and 3rd C.
Then few months after that event, i bumped into one of the committee. So i congratulated her ( she was a B ), she seem surprised. Cos she told me she didn't won anything. Ehh?
Tanya punye tanya, then i managed to find out the actual reason. B already got another award, so they gave the performance award to other people. WTF? So not fair kan?

Then another story ~ annual dinner as well ( yes Y, i'm talking about you company ;p ). The committee decided to open up all the sponsored hampers for lucky draw and divided them equally for all the staff. So that everyone will get something at the end of the day. So weird kan?

Given a choice, would you like to try your luck on getting a big hamper ( if not, then go back empty handed ) OR just stick to the committee's idea by knowing that you'll definitely 'win' something ( 2 packet of cookies, maybe ;p )?

What should we name this game : a 'lucky draw' that doesn't need luck to win? ;p



  1. if i win the big draw, of course i wouldn't wanna share. but if i didn't win anything, 2 packs of cookies are good enough.

    fair kan?

  2. haha, it really depends how i answer your questions woh.. i have the same thought as Medie007 lor, human are actually selfish right?? hehe~~ :p

  3. bong .. huh? u really can satisfied with just 2 packets of cookies ahh? ;p

    sk .. 'lucky draw' means u won;t know the result geh lorr.. its just win or no win.. thats all .lol ;p

  4. having said that, actually those lucky draw prizes i don't mind not having them also lah, because normally also those "jor deng" things, hahaha!! :D

  5. sk .. lerr.. cos my ex-company's lucky draw damn kao kao one ler... flat screen la.. laptop la.. i just dun have the luck :(


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