Wednesday, May 25, 2011

err ... breast 'n nipple?!

I'm not laughing at those who are not good in English, as i myself oso quite powderful sometimes. But i think i won't make the same mistakes as they are, cos it's just too " CLASSIC " . For example ...

Years back when i was still performing, another female dancer came to me after the rehearsal asking if i can teach her the steps cos she was late ...

Her : Danny, 可以教我那個 Lose My BREAST嗎?
( Danny, can teach me the steps of Lose My BREAST? )

Me in my mind : Lose your breast? How i know? Eat less papaya? ;p

Lose My Breast = Lose My Breath ( Destiny Child )

A tai-tai member came to me after the class, asking me to teach her one of the move ...

Her : Danny, 那個NIPPLE怎樣做的?
Danny, how to do that NIPPLE?

Me in my mind : Wah auntie, i don't know that the housewives nowadays are so open one worr.. lol ;p

Nipple = Ripple / Body Roll / Wave

If i remember correctly, i didn't correct them cos i don't want to embarrass them. I just quietly laugh in my heart la ( still have to be evil bitch a bit maa.. ;p )
Do you think that you'll correct them on the mistakes?



  1. after doing the nipple to lose your breast, we go drink cock lah, you want big cock or small cock?? :D

  2. That's an interesting piece of body art!

  3. Your post has just make my day. LOLL

  4. OMG SK THAMBEE - Muahahaha! Gila boy!

  5. drink cock? LOL. so salah lor.

  6. sk .. i see your true color, shinning ..... btw, i prefer cold ones than room ;p

    william .. yup.. very smart.. i think its for some breast cancer campaign

    justin .. so u prefer which one?

  7. kokhua .. its my pleasure to use my crap to cheer ;p

    twilight .. now u see the REAL him huh? lol ;p

    bong .. there's nothing BETUL here ;p


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