Thursday, May 19, 2011


I was doing the launch of a new shop last week and there's fashion show. 4 adults and 4 kids models. Out of the 4 kids, 3 of them ( between 3 ~ 8 years old ) are brother and sisters .. all ang moh. After the show, while packing up the stuffs, i overheard the mom of the 3 kids talking to the show director :

Director : So where you guys going after this?

Mom : The 2 of them are doing DKNY show at KLCC tonite. Then 3 of them got 3 shows this weekend.

I was like .. WTH! I oso 'ampang next top model', but how come i don't have shows like them? But one thing for sure, i kinda pity the kids, cos they rushed to our show right after the school with the uniforms lagi. And all of them looked so tired. I wonder if they really enjoying what they are doing ...

Ok, ok .. 'pity' is just a nicer word to cover up. The actual word should be envy .. and a bit jealous. ;p

Did you have an enjoyeable childhood?



  1. wah... model at such a young age...

  2. i really do not like parents who push their kids into "profession" during their school age.. aren't they supposed to be studying, and then go back home to do their homework or watch TV after school??

  3. bong .. ya lo.. but i have to say that they really got the model look la.. make ppl jeles onli ;(

    sk .. ya lo ya lo.. especially those who force they children to join singing competition .. sing old song lagi... not that the kids understand the meaning pun . .;(

  4. They'll be suing their parents for unpaid monies in the near future.

  5. it's because you are not Caucasian, that's why you can't secure more show compare with thus kids.

  6. william .. haha .. maybe horr? then luckily i don't have to go through all that ;p

    anonymous .. oic.. then maybe i should spread my wings to europe, since my face so CINA ;p

    kokhua .. let's jealous together-gether la ... lol


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