Saturday, May 7, 2011

sweet 'n sour

Once upon a time ...

One member came to me after the class ...

Member : Aiyo, very sour la my butt.

Me : Huh? Sour?

Member : 屁股很酸啊 . Butt very sour ( sore ) ah..

Me : Haha oic. Thank God mine is always sweet. ;p

Sekian cerita and Happy Mother's Day :)

Sometimes it's quite fun to speak broken language on purpose. But of cos not all my friends appreciate it. :(
Some of my signature broken language ...

... pink coror ( color )
... krang ( klang )
... sunsain ( sunshine )
... fesen presentasen ( fashion presentation )

What's yours ( if got la ;p )


  1. hahaha... so funny~~~

    I always say "laugh die me"

  2. Do I speak broken English? Don't think so! Just don't make me eat my words if you ever caught me doing that... XD

  3. happy mother's day to you too. :)

  4. yours not only sweet, but juicy too~~ :p

  5. haha..
    you should ask ur member , is there any LEMON inside his/her butt.....

    happy mama day

  6. 屁股的肌肉吃到柠檬了 呵呵 thats y its sour ! XD

    ok, its a lame joke

  7. william .. haha.. so u like to twist the 'l' with 'r' huh? :)

    anton .. i'm sure it'll sound funny if u say that loud in an angry tone... lol

    colorblind .. if u say that to me .. being me.. i think i'll answer.. then go die la ;p

  8. jade .. i dun think so la.. but one thing i'm very sure is i speak a lot of broken english during class .. lol ;p

    bong .. same to u :))

    sk .. err... the image i so salah lo.. got other description ahh? ;p

  9. matthew .. maybe i'll do that next time.. cos still a bit shock from the sour issue..

    anthony .. later the butt got gastric lerr.. eat whole lemon... ( another lamer joke ;p )

  10. yas .. dun simply say say.. maybe 'people' got copyright on that word geh lerr... ;p lol


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