Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just checking ...

What is your limit / self control on farting?

a) when you need to fart, you just fart .. tak kisah lah kalo ade orang kat tepi tepi

b) you only fart in front of people that you love or trust .. kesian ur mak bapak, ur dahling, ur kucing... etc

c) you will keep the farting pleasure only to yourself .. never fart in front of anybody .. kedekut lah konon ;p

I am definitely the "C" type ... kena maintain vogiu marr..


  1. haha....no manners....in front of ppl to fart...

  2. Stingy on sound, generous on smell. XD

  3. so embarassing even to do it areound family, so I will go to a safe corner. I dread the old age stage when the muscles of my anus ain't that elastic anymore Rofl!

  4. of course will try to hold in anytime, but i will not feel shy if i'm with somebody close, and definitely will do that without hesitation (somemore make it as loud as possible) while i'm alone in the room..

  5. stacey .. dun be surprise that a lot of ppl think that its common and natural..p

    william .. that is really the worst la.. a total silent killer ;p

  6. anton .. same la .. really cannot open when got ppl around.. n its time to do more exercise for it..lol ;p

    sk .. err.. even with family oso i cannot lo.. just cannot release la..


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