Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was going out to tapao lunch. So i grab a t-shirt and wear. I noticed that the neckline is a bit loose but i thought : " What the heck? Just go out for a while. Ok la. "

But when i reached the kopitiam, i started to feel uncomfortable. I kept adjusting my t-shirt so that it won't look so worn out. I think i am very concern on how i look .. i think the loose neckline looks so tak-glam. So i quickly tapao, then came back. And that t-shirt is now with the pile of ' house-tee '. ;p

Do you wear those slightly loose neckline/ collar t-shirt when you go out?

( I think i'll be caught dead if i go out wearing this collar 'kembang setaman' t-shirt ;p )


  1. most of the time i really don't care wearing those "house tee" if i just go out tabao or having a quick meal outside my house lor..

  2. I think I have enough clothes that even my house-Ts don't look so bad!

  3. I only use this shirt when I'm doing household...

  4. I will not wear house tee outside my house. Maybe I was trained since young. Image is important.

  5. I wear them to sleep. They feel so comfy.

  6. waaa... so smexy... :P
    i'd prolly use as kain lap kaki lor.

  7. sk .. most of the time i do lo.. just this time a bit lazy to change.;p

    william .. wow.. so good.. so ur baju can last your for how many months for 1 cycle?

    ian .. household like what? bitching with the neighbors? lol ;p

  8. tz .. see who is more diva than me? ;p lol

    ant .. the thinner the more comfortable kan? :)

    bong .. kaya nyerr... ;p

  9. As a grandma, I am too sensitive on my outlooks. Even if my hair is not done, I will wear a cap to go out. So clothes, need to be perfect match and in good order. Ha ha ha!

  10. twilight .. yeah.. we all know u r the rich datin-ish grandma ;p


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