Thursday, March 17, 2011

you know that you are getting old ...

.. when you constantly making the ' urghh ' sound climbing up the staircase. That's what happened to me when i climb up the staircase in the gym today. Partly because my whole body is aching, and also the age factor .. i think. It's so embarrassing, cos there's members behind me. But who cares lah kan? As long as i am still VOGIU when i'm not climbing. Worst come to worst, i'll take elevator for the rest of my life. LOL ;p

( another syok sendiri post by your beloved Big Mouth ;p )

p/s : sometimes i really pity those old folks who have to climb staircase at the flat or apartment with groceries on both hands. So kesian kan?


  1. cannot imagine the "urggh" sound while climbing stairs woh.. hey, you are dance instructor woh, should have enough stamina to climb the stairs woh..

  2. wah... how tall is the stairs in ur gym wor?

  3. My mother hates stairs and complains when going up inclines.

  4. Gasps and I thought you are fit as a fiddle?!

  5. I climb the staircase everyday @ work even though there is lift... As part of exercise kap.

  6. sk .. its body aching la..nothing to do with stamina.. cos i did 3 classes after climbing the staircase.. abang.. dance instructor 唔係人啊?

    bong .. 2 storey high .. n hv to kept go up n down to get my things...

    william .. introduce me to auntie la.. then we can complain together-gether ;p

  7. anton .. do not judge a book by its cover.. especially when I"M the book ;p

    tz .. i prefer shake hip than climb staircase lo ;p


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