Thursday, March 31, 2011

sakit lagiiiiiiiii.

Woke up in the morning. Felt a bit pain in my mouth. Checked at the mirror ... ALAMAK. My upper right gum is double the size of the left one. And it really hurt when i try to bite with teeth from the right side. It got worse by noon. I was so worried, cos i got 2 classes today. And i planned to do a sexy number. How can you be sexy when your muka bengkak and mulut ternganga menahan sakit? ;p What to do? Cannot cancel last minute. :(

The 1st class ( Latin Mix ) was still ok. Just not very clear when i talked. But miracle happened in the 2nd class ( DanceMania, the one with sexy steps. I've posted the song at the side bar, not a new song. Can you imagine the level of sexiness? )

Not only i am full of energy while conducting, i don't even feel the pain. Magic kan?;p

They said that sometimes 'adrenaline' will make your pain go away for a short while, cos you are excited. But i think it's the inner hunger ( slutty cell in my blood ) that boosted my energy level. Cos i think i was so in the mood when i did that number. Nikmatnyer terrrrrrrrramat. LOL ;p

當大嘴遇見騷歌 。。。一發不可收拾。哈哈。


  1. Like your comment in Chinese, it's CLASSIC!!! LOLing....

  2. You may not feel the pain, but mouth still bengkak right?

  3. Time for lotsa ice cream ;)

  4. then now how? the swelling still there? go to the dentist!!

  5. jade .. u giys should know my style kan? but might not teach in morning class... a bit too fast and too sexy. later i kena complain loll ;p

    william .. i can pandai-pandai cover my bengkak-ed face with my shoulder or my hand la.. still can act vogiu one.. if u believe that u r vogiu.. then u r :)

  6. anton .. wahhh.. u so hati busuk one horrr? ppl sakit gigi/mulut u ask me to eat ice cream lagi...;p

    bong .. thank god no more swelling now.. so i can be 110% vogiu when i do the sexy number this saturday...hahahahahaahhaah ;p


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