Sunday, March 6, 2011

full .

Normally. i close my BIG DEAL once a day, every morning after brushing my teeth. But ever since i came back from the trip, i've been closing deal few times a day. Mostly very GOOD DEAL, very 'profitable' .. not the sakit perut way. But the funny thing is, i cut down my food after the trip cos gained some weight during CNY and the trip.

Funny kan?
Normal food intake ~ one DEAL a day.
Less food intake ~ multiple DEALS a day.
I wonder how come there's so many stocks?

Is it normal OR .. it's just me .. FULL OF SH*T!? lol ;p

Some random pics we took in London. That's what happened when you are with a group ( or maybe just 1 ) silly people. YES WIN-NI , I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU. ;p

Brought the wrong sweater and wrong shoes. But can't help it, cos too cold. Just look at the color combination on my t-shirt, sweater and shoes ...GOSH, I FEEL SO COLORBLIND !!!!
( fashion trend of the day : "ASAP" ~ as SALAH as possible ;p )

* tq Win-ni for the pics :)


  1. lol. can always get new one in Londone mar. :P

  2. You have a big reserve!

  3. rainbow representative!

  4. We have camwhore king/queen now. >.<

  5. i think its better to pangsai everyday la... few days once? eee... all the toxic inside ur body is not good for health

  6. its just the angle, or you really can jump high? that jumping pic certainly is amazingly amazing XD

  7. Wah you jumped like a crazy slut woman with pinky umbrella!! LMAO! Muahaha!

  8. bong .. what for worr.. furthermore my luggage sudah over weight ;p

    william .. no wonder i have such a big tangki ( tummy ) ;p

    ant .. more like a colorblind parade lo ;p

  9. tz .. camwhore? no lah..juts for fun onli.. i dont do that if i'm alone lo ;p

    l .. abang .. i think u got the message terbalik liao horr?

  10. anthony .. can i say a combination of both? why? u think old ppl cannot jump high ahh? ;p

    twilight .. do not insult my 'mary poppin' look ok? btw, that pink umbrella is not mine ;p


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