Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jiran Tetangga

The Chinese family one floor below my unit just moved in early this year. I normally don't really bother with my neighbors, but this family really know how to get my attention.

1st of all, they BBQed at the balcony during CNY. All the smoke flew up to my balcony. I have to closed the window so that the smell won't stick to my sofa! I was so angry. At one point, i felt like jumping ... jumping really hard at my living room ( to revenge la ). Those who stay in condo/ apartment should know this. It's so annoying when you neighbor upstairs walk like an elephant and make the noise on his floor/ your ceiling. ;p

Another thing is, that auntie like to talk at the balcony ... loudly. I always have to turn up the TV volume trying not to hear her voice. Something funny happened yesterday. That auntie was on the phone, talking to her friend. She suppose to direct her friend the way from the main road to our condo. ( i have no choice but to listen to all she said, cos it was so loud )

Apparently, she gave the wrong instruction the 1st time. Then her friend called again, and she still gave the wrong one. Being a good ( or rather kaypoh person ) i actually thought of shout to her from my balcony :

安娣,你OK無? 過佐紅綠燈明明係轉右。
( Auntie, you ok or not? After traffic light turn right la. )

Do you think she will think that i am a "considerate" neighbor? ;p

I might not be a friendly neighbor, but i think i'm definitely a nosy one. LOL ;p


  1. I have weird neighbours after shifting to landed home. The crazy old lady next door on my right always dig my mail box to see my electric bills! The crazy left neighbour always gossip and update other neighbours about my lifestyle! So many stalkers!!!

  2. know wat's worst? grilling on the cement wall. =.=

  3. We will soon hear about a feud!

  4. I think an elephant must have stayed one storey above me. Every day and night, the sound bom bom bom... :(

    #Twilight, i tot grandma will be very happy to have a gossiping neighbor.... :p

  5. Yeeerrrr TZ! I wanna gossip but they gossip about me instead! They said I am crazy living in a house with 2 persons only and hardly at home! KNNCCB

  6. @Twilight if your neighbor gossip you because two persons living in a house then I'm not sure what my neighbor will think about me since i had been staying alone in landed property since 17yrs old. Btw open people mailbox without permission is consider bleach of individual privacy which you can bring them to the court. Beside that how did you know that your neighbor gossiping about you?

  7. Hello Willk.. Well you are not living in Malaysia, so it's common that singles occupy the luxury of the whole house alone in overseas.

    We know that it's against the law for prying my bills but that old lady might get off the hook for being senile.

    Eg. I went to hike up Mount Kinabalu last Christmas and only 1 person who lived a few streets away knew about it. The news caught on like wild fire and my neighbours asked about my hike. Here, people can be so tactless to ask anything.

  8. twilight .. maybe that old lady always wanted to play CSI but no chance... so ma curi curi check u stuff lo ;p

    bong.. i know.. that will affect the whole block.. especially early in the morning..:(

    william .. no la no la.. as long as they are not too much.. i'll try to stay nice ;p

  9. tz .. i know.. those heavy foot step..;(
    # grandma is upset.. cos they never invite him to join the gossip girls ;p

    twilight .. need more ppl in ur house? i got my cut ou 1:1 poster of myself.. u can put it near ur window upstairs, downstairs.. toilet, ;p


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