Tuesday, March 29, 2011

phobia a la fabrika ...

I was at Kamdar yesterday, sourcing for fabrics for my coming display. It was so packed with people and of cos, rolls of fabrics. But somehow i am feeling quite comfortable with the situation. ( Cos normally i will feel dizzy with places that is so packed ) Maybe it's bcoz of the fabrics .. calmed me down. I can browse the fabrics roll by roll, shelf by shelf. Taking my sweet time touching and feeling the texture.

I remembered one funny incident happened to me and my junior ( in VM ) long time ago. I brought him to a fabric store for material sourcing. When we stepped in the store, he was overwhelmed by the fabrics, and felt dizzy.

The same thing happened to me before, when i was in a BOOKSTORE. I only can survive flipping the first 5 books, and that's it. I either have to buy something immediately or just leave. Or else i won't feel comfortable the whole day.

I think i'm allergic to books.
Is there a name for this type of sickness? lol ;p


  1. Kamdar fabric nice or not? which branch you usually go?

  2. i think i'm opposite.. i will love the books but phobia against the fabrics.. haha!! :D

  3. When I was little, used to follow my mum to textile shops all the time. Loved running my hands across the cool, smooth cloth.

  4. You weirdo Danny Gaga! I love books and can sleep on them.

  5. justin .. i'm ok with kamdar.. nice deal with good selections.. i'm using it for display.. so no need to luxury fabrics :)

    sk .. i can introduce u to my junior.. u guys can faint in the fabric store together lo l ;p

  6. william .. kan? so fun to walk thru the fabrics kan? if hand kotor oso can wipe on them without ppl knowing it...lol ;p

    twilight .. i'm not weirdo.. i'm just slightly different from the common.. i'm SPECIAL...;p

  7. then u're suitable doing fashion designing leh. :P

  8. A person who is afraid of books is called a 'BIBLIOPHOBIA'.

    I used to think of myself as a librarian working among books stacked in rolls and rolls of floor to ceiling shelves.... and there comes my price-charming taking every excuses to come near me by visiting my library come rain or shine... haha...

    Anyway, reading makes a person interested and interesting, so don't be a 'bugaboo' when it comes to books!

  9. bong .. i was in fashion line b4 ler... but prefer VM cos its more suitable for me :)

    jade .. believe it or not? i was a librarian... i think i am good in organizing it.. but not reading it ...lol ;p


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