Wednesday, March 30, 2011

saaaaaaaaaaaakit ;p

I noticed that some of the members in my class like to compare things in their life. From comparing their kid's academic result, the attire that the wear to class, their favorite instructor, etc.

And the latest trend is ... compare pain. Yup ~ PAIN. Before the class, one of the member started to share on how she hurt her arm while shopping. Then another one complained about her aching back after doing belly dance. And then got someone hurt his ankle while doing combat. Dan banyak lagi ...

But once i play the song, all the supposedly 'in-pain' members suddenly become so healthy and energetic. All the pain disappeared. Funny kan? Maybe i should add in some 'sakit' movement or poses in the routine, so they can really live the pain. LOL ;p

Presenting, the various type of SAKITs in the world of vogiuness ...

Actually gym is a very good place to see the different sides of other people.
But besides seeing others, sometimes it's good to be SEEN as well... if you know what i mean. LOL ;p


  1. HAHAHA! Vogue while in pain. :P

  2. i think "Phantom of The Opera" can be a good song for all those sakit pose lor~~ :D

  3. Normally the one who can bullshit the most is the 'sorest of them all' :P

    The gym is no doubt a congregation of many different character, and mind you, we are assessing you instructors as well from the other sides of the mirror....

  4. Asalkan jangan sakit puan.

  5. Anyone shown his/her PAIN in the ass? Blek~

  6. kokhua .. of cos la.. anything oso must be vogiu ;p

    sk .. isn't it a bit too slow for a dance class? i think b4 i can teach that song i'll be sakit kepala thinking of the steps lol ;p

    paul .. eleh/... macam lah u tak tahu buat benda benda macam tu ;p

  7. jade .. of cos i know la .. so , when are u guys gng to give me my 'report' card? ada pass kah? ;p

    william .. sakit puan? that one i dunno how to 'transform' it in vogiu pose.. cos 34 tahun tak pernah datang.. so tak tau the ;p

  8. bong .. sakit hati? can check out britney spears' opps t did it again MV.. got the sakit hati pose.:)

    tz .. that one i tak kuasa nak layan ;p


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