Wednesday, March 16, 2011

why not red?

Whenever i give my business card to others, 80% of them will ask the same question :

WHY YELLOW? Why not red or blue? Is it because of your surname? ( Hwang = 黃 )

And my standard answer will be : " No special reason. Just thought that yellow, white and grey are quite a nice color combo. " And i can sense that they are not very satisfied or should i say " disappointed " with my answer.

So, if i ask you " why yellow? ", can you give me a very creative and interesting answer?

I normally don't have any opinion on other people's name card. But there's one type of name card that i really beh tahan :
Name card with his/her picture on it. ( so kiasu kan? ;p )


  1. do you know that red is a cheap color? i bet you know it, whenever there's a sales, what color had been chosen to mark prices? what color used for the word - sales? Red of course, because red easily get attention and it gives impression that it is cheap or something is cheap.

    and blue? doesn't get attention.

    Danny buddy, yellow is a good choice.

  2. put ur face there la. u know, like those singaporean auntie hor, especially the property one, imagine them posing for picture sideways, and turn their heads sideways, want to smile dont want to smile like that. :) very the classy one lor. hahahahaha

    btw, i thought ur card is ncie lah. simple and creative. ;)

  3. hahaha... nice name card!
    me like@

  4. hahaha, yes yes yes!!! i still remember the first time i got namecard with photo on it, i was like OMG, wanted to laugh but have to avoid myself laughing~~ hahahaha!!!

  5. "Because I like to eat banana."

  6. class uols your card...... inspired iols gittew.....
    certainly beh tahan lei for the namecard that have the pic. so fake liao.......

  7. 我会说,因为血是红色,我不喜欢!

  8. loves william's comment! XD

    yellow's nice, red feels like u come on too strong and blue is overrated. -__-

  9. for sure i will answer: "because it's not red." LOL

    for example, ppl asked: "y today's weather so hot 1?"
    i will answer:" because it's not cold." LAME XD

  10. justin .. wah.. u explanation really complete horr? i dun hv time to consider so many things lo :)

    bong .. ok ok .. i'll custom made a business card with my vogiu face n give it to u the next time we meet ;p

    eric .. tqtq.. u got gd ;p

  11. sk .. ya la.. the best thing is the pic n the real person tak sama one.. banyak touch up ;p

    william .. i can't say that la.. cos i don't ;p

    nas .. la.. orang vogiu namecard nyer mesti lah kena vogiu jugak kan? ;p

  12. khai .. i better not la.. cos most of them r my clients :)

    vincent .. i'm so glad that i chose yellow to be my color :)

    eunice .. i will say that if i dun want any business from them la ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)