Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was at IKEA, saja jalan-jalan, nothing to do. Suddenly a middle aged lady approached me ...

Her : Eh Danny..

Me : Huh? You are ...?

Her : Sharon arrr.

Me : Huh? Sharon?

Her : Sharon from TrueFitness arr.. I join your Saturday class one lerr..?

Me : Oh.. no wonder you look familiar. Sorry i can't recall you name .
( Padahal, i still have no idea who she is ;p )

This is not the first time for me. I have a very serious 'sickness'. I can only 'recognize' people when they are in the studio ( unless the few that i am close with la ). But i think it's acceptable cos 1 instructor have to face so many members from so many classes in different gym. BUt it's easier for member to remember their instructor name, cos not a lot. But i don;t understand why my friend can't remember her instructor's name at all.

Do you know your instructor or lecturer's name?

* Just did the song "Show me how you Burlesque" and got a new nickname for myself. No, not Christina , but .. CHAIR ( as in Cher, the diva ... just like me ) ;p


  1. I don't have an instructor. :P

  2. first of all, i won't even go and say hi and chat with the instructor if i bump into him/her somewhere lor, unless we know each other lah, even so that could only be a smile or just hi-bye lor..

  3. william .. sometimes i can't remember my client's boss' name ..;(

    sk .. yerr.. why you so elegant ( arrogant ) one? never say hello ;p

  4. my class attendees said i should take ginkgo, 10 seconds after i told them i have something to tell them i forgot what it's about. :x

  5. Stop looking at peoples' crotches, then perhaps you'll start remembering faces! wakakakakaka

  6. i can! for a while only la. then after that, i will, "neeh... neehhhhh u dont remmeber meh? neeehhhh that guy la..." :P

  7. I know my instructors names, but i dont know everyone in my class! :P

  8. justin .. i think i need to take more than gingko lo.. cos really bad in remembering names ;p

    anton .. no la.. i never do that.. i just kept staring at myself in the mirror .. self admiring .. syok sendiri ;p

  9. bong .. i thing the word ' neh ' is the best to describe other ppl rite? lol ;p

    eric .. same lorr.. some times their name oso too similar.. very hard to memorize la ;p

  10. I have the same sickness- some church members I only see them in church; when I see them in some where else, I cannot remember their names!

  11. yas .. we can go see doctor together-gether ;p

  12. I bet you even forgot my handsem face cos you ignored me once!!!!!

  13. twilight ... YA ALLAH... SERIOUS? when? why didn't you call me? i was working issit? so sorry ;)


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