Monday, March 14, 2011

damn you spammer !! ;(


"I"'ve been sending hundreds of spam mails to those in my contact list, friends and clients. It's so embarrassing to receive calls from clients asking me to do something ( that i did not do ;p ).

Some ask me to report to yahoo or do some anti-virus scan .. but how to do that? Bare in mind, i'm an IT blind person ok? I need really clear instruction, if possible clear and short. LOL :p

If changing to a new email account is NOT( or the last ) an option, what else can i do?

If "I" accidentally sent spam mails to you, MINTA AMPUN. :)


  1. I've that experienced with my msn and hotmail too, my IT guy taught me just to change my password, and that's work :)

    You started to spam us when you were away to lundun :D


  2. 'I' had the same problem,yes, change password will do the job!
    I also received your spam mail! Thought of telling you jor.

  3. Yeah you spammed me with all pornographic stuffs! I want more! LOL.

  4. william .. give me ur email address.. let me spam u a bit first ;p

    jen ..changed liao.. but dunno can or not la

    bong .. according to a lot of ppl that is not very effective worr..

  5. yasmin .. hopefully la.. cos very paiseh lerr.. keep spamming ppl ;p

    twilight .. u like issit? lol ;p


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