Monday, March 7, 2011


Nothing much on Paree as well. Went to the La Fayette to shop for other people ~ LV, BV & Longchamp. ( Tips : If you want to buy those branded stuff, go early morning. No queue at the boutique as well as the detax counter ) Went to the Lourve to see Lisa姐 ( 也不過如此 ;p ).

Went to see a performance in Paris, the world famous ~ MOULIN ROUGE. ( Tips : Don't watch it on the 1st day you arrived, cos you'll be knocking your head against the wall trying not to fall asleep ;p ) Err... i think it was just a so-so show. Great props and backdrop. But the costume coordination was a bit kelam-kabut. Sekejap Egypt, then suddenly add in Oriental. Me ( was in showbiz ) and Yasmin ( currently in fashion line ) oso tak boleh tahan. Guess as long as they are baring their top, no one cares right? ;p

Trying very hard to look cultured by admiring the paintings that i tak faham. ;p

Maybe i should do a 'Mulan Loot' bar here. And all my dancers will bare their ... foot. LOL.
You think got business or not? ;p

* tq Yasmin for the pics. :)


  1. danny,

    i understand what u mean by try so hard to understand art...... me also did the same thing at London Art Museum....... my partner siap gelakkan i bila tengok how blur i am.......

  2. Dind;t c u dress n dance like MOULIN ROUGE geh? :p

  3. There's only so much art I can digest in one sitting. Haha. At first still slowly see, later will just skim through.

  4. moulin rouge is a... frenchgirl (like Thaigirl) show?

  5. yeah, Mulan Loot.. all the bare footed loot-loot look people~~ interesting!!!

  6. Mulan Loot ~ fail!
    Do an underground tiger bar!

  7. mou-lin rouge (no breast rouge)
    miss you love you!! muacks

  8. hahahaa "no breast rounge" (Y) :p

    I went to the exactly places you went, but luckily I just stopby and took picture outside the lourve, and chose to go Disneyland after that instead of going in to 'stone' with the Sa-Jeh's smile =.=....

    I guess my reaction will be exactly like you, benggang aje :D


  9. nas .. first few pieces still ok la.. but then like overwhelmed liao..

    chris .. cos i cant find the one in my size lorrr ;p

    william .. thats exactly what i did lol ;p

  10. bong .. yup.. but slightly more extravaganza la.. and very much more expensive ;p

    sk .. u want to be my priority dancer? sure got lots of supporter one ;)

    anton .. i dun like to do underground thing one la.. must do terang terang ;p

  11. winni .. hahaa .. then i think we 2 can do a 'mou-yiu' ( no waist ) group ;p

    jen .. but at least go in once to open eyes la..


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