Sunday, March 20, 2011

好 DEEP 啊。。。

Went for dinner with 小S ( you know who you are and yeah, that's your new nickname ) and 高妹 on Thursday. Eat and chat on lots of things. Then 小S shared with us something that he heard from a famous host :
( can't remember the exact words, but the meaning is the same la ;p )

( A lots of masterpieces from the famous artist in the world are more towards darkness/ negativity. Cos they thought that happiness is too easy to get and it's shallow. But darkness / sadness on the other hand, is deeper.

And my instant thought was :

( Thank God i'm a SHALLOW person. ;p )

Sorry la, i really don;t think that i can do any of those EMO stuffs. I mean, why bother to go DOWN when you can stay UP hight right?


如果你跟我說:“這副畫很黑暗“,我應該會醬的回你 :

“盲的也看的出啦。“ lol ;p


  1. 图画酱黑盲人都会画的啦!
    why wanna be sad when u can be happy? sometimes hor... all these artists think too much. =.=

  2. 笑死我了。Good One, Danny! Hahaha

  3. 不止黑暗,感觉太掏心至悲伤,无可奈何,血流不止……
    lol,it's nice to be happy...=)
    i enjoy happy life too. =)

  4. Don't worry, most artists are nuts anyway.

  5. bong .. cos they keep trying to be different with other ppl ma.. bodoh kan? ;p

    kokhua .. see? its so easy to be happy kna? really dun understand why they want to go the other way :)

    eunice .. kamsia kamsia.. and its my honor to make u guys happy :)

  6. keo .. but why most of ur songs are a bit to the sad/ emo side one? ( thats what i felt la ;p )

    william .. agree. but sometimes i also wish that i can be like ;p


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