Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ever since i came back from the holiday, i've been sleeping well at night. I used to wake up 1 or 2 times at night, but now, when i open my eyes ... it's already morning. I know it's a good and healthy sign, but sometimes i do miss the OLD sleeping pattern.

You know that "silly kiasu psychology" where you wake up in the middle of the night and look at the clock : " 4am? Good, got 4 more hours to sleep." But now wake up means wake up. No more time to 'continue' the sleep. Felt a bit RUGI ;p

Do you think that i'm crazy, or you actually feel me? :)

真是“人賤沒藥醫“。lol ;p


  1. I normally wake up 10 minutes before the alarm. So it's only ten minutes more to go! T.T

  2. haha but u dont actually get good quality of sleep if u keep waking up.

  3. i agree with you, that's why i set my alarm 30 minutes earlier, so that i can snooze for 3x 10min more before really waking up.. :p

  4. i got a fren, she set 5 alarms which is 1 hour earlier.
    she said she feel happy to hav 1 more hour to sleep.
    i tot she's insane.
    now i only realised really got ppl like tis.

  5. I set my alarm 15-20mins before the actual time. Cause I will be on bed for at 15 mins before get going...

  6. william .. 10 mins is like nothing to me lo.. so not worth it ;p

    bong .. i dun think i ever hv quality sleep maa.. so ma aim on the kiasu thing lo ;p

    sk .. but wake up every 10 mins not making u more tired meh?

  7. eunice .. this is how we comfort ourselves la.. u wont understand one ;p

    tz .. 15 mins is still too little for me

  8. You are such a light sleeper. You can solve them if you drink Yomeishu at night and you will sleep blissfully like a baby ZZzzzzzzzzz

  9. twilight .. yomeishu? err... never into all those thing one worr... ;p


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